android browser

Opera’s free VPN now comes built into its Android browser

Popular browser-maker Opera has announced that its Android browser app will start rolling out a free VPN as an add-on. As of now, only...

Popular Android app Psiphon gets infected with nasty spyware

In a classic case of cruel irony, the Psiphon anti-censorship app for Android has been corrupted with a notorious spyware according to Bitdefender researchers....
google chrome

Latest Google Chrome beta for Android includes ‘dark mode’

Paving the way for 2019 to be regarded as the year of the dark mode, the latest Google Chrome 73 beta for Android has...
dark mode

MIUI 10 beta introduces eye-friendly dark mode to Xiaomi devices

2019 could be very well be the year of dark mode adaptation in smartphone, or so it seems. With the increasing clamour for system-wide...
best writing apps

13+ Best Writing Apps for Writers in 2021: Android and PC

How many times have you looked at a screen and had a blank page stare back at you? That vertical line blinking at the...
best blogging apps

7 Best Blogging Apps for Android Every Blogger Must Know

Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts with everyone or let people know about something new or interesting. Of course, Blogging is...
best video downloader apps

11+ Best Video Downloader Apps for Android & YouTube 2020

With the advent of technology, downloading videos on Android devices is no more tedious. Nowadays, the android realm is infested with hundreds of apps...