Zooqle Proxy 2019: 25+ *NEW* Proxy/Mirrors to Unblock Zooqle.com

Zooqle has been in the torrenting fray as a splendid search engine for millions of torrent freaks across the world. It has become a full-fledged repository where you can download your favourite movies, TV shows, music, ebooks, and premium software for free. All you need is a bittorrent client like BitTorrent, or uTorrent at the ready to start the downloads. However, of late, the torrent search engine is not accessible for many users worldwide as it’s main domain https://zooqle.com has been blocked due to copyright infringement claims. The only way to bypass this menace is via Zooqle Proxy and mirror sites. What are those? Read on…

How to access Zooqle.com with Zooqle Proxy and Mirror Sites?

zooqle proxy

Over the past few years, torrent sites such as Kickass Torrents, The Pirate Bay, and Torrentz2 have all faced the wrath of censorship. So, it has become exceedingly difficult to access these sites due to mounting ISP bans in several countries. Zooqle too has fallen prey to this clampdown and the only viable alternative to bypass these geo-restrictions are through Zooqle proxy/mirror sites.

While you may also resort to using a free VPN service, bear in mind VPNs can invariably affect download speeds. So, if you download a movie using a VPN, get ready to drastically compromise on your download speeds.

On the contrary, Zooqle proxy and mirror sites are mere clones of Zooqle and host its entire library, database and index on separate domain names. Furthermore, the torrent files are verified and checked by Zooqle’s official staff and community members.

Down below is a rundown of the best working Zooqle proxy/Mirror sites that will give you unhindered access to its entire torrent search engine so that you can download tons of movies, TV shows and ebooks easily. So, without bidding further ado, let’s get started.

25+ Best Zooqle Proxy and Mirror Sites List 2019

Sl. No.Zooqle Proxy/Mirrors StatusSpeed
1.Zoqle.unblocked.gdnOnlineVery Fast
2.Zooqle.bypassed.orgOnlineVery Fast
3.Zooqle-com.prox.funOnlineVery Fast
4.Unblocked.tkOnlineVery Fast
5.Zoqle.bypassed.euOnlineVery Fast
6.Torrentzmirror.xyzOnlineVery Fast
7.Mrunlock.pwOnlineVery Fast
8.Zoqle.bypassed.bzOnlineVery Fast
9.Nocensor.bidOnlineVery Fast
10.Megafiletube.pwOnlineVery Fast
11.Prox4you.funOnlineVery Fast
12.123unblock.partyOnlineVery Fast
13.Torrentz2.loanOnlineVery Fast
14.Torrentworld.pwOnlineVery Fast
15.Unblocked.wtfOnlineVery Fast
16.Unlockproject.menOnlineVery Fast
17.Unblocked.msOnlineVery Fast
18.Unblocked.lolOnlineVery Fast
19.Torrentz3.xyzOnlineVery Fast
20.UK ProxyOnlineVery Fast
21.Unlockproject.menOnlineVery Fast
22.Google Translate ProxyOnlineVery Fast
23.US ProxyOnlineVery Fast
24.UK Proxy AlternativeOnlineVery Fast
25.Torrents.meOnlineVery Fast

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only. We do not condone piracy.

There you have it! Simply click on any of the aforementioned proxy/mirror sites to unblock access to Zooqle right away. We did a manual review of these links and can assure you all the links work absolutely fine. 

Now then, with these safe proxy/mirror alternatives at your command, you don’t have to indulge in any sort of skullduggery such as running sketchy scripts to unblock access to Zooqle.com.

And..that’s a wrap! I reckon you should bookmark this page to stay posted with new proxy & mirror sites since we are constantly updating this list with new additions.

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