10+ Best Violin Tuner Apps 2021 for Android and iPhone

Keeping a violin in tune during practice is always a painstaking endeavour. While some people resort to splurging on standard digital tuners, many violinists prefer the smart way of using violin tuner apps on their smartphones and iPads. Which is why we have done a rundown of the best violin tuner apps online that allow easy tuneage on the go. Below we have listed some of our favorite mobile apps for iPhone and Android users.

How to tune a Violin with a Tuner App?

best violin tuner apps

In most violin tuning apps, there is a digital display that shows what note you are playing while a needle hovering over a dial in the middle of the screen displays the method to tune the string. Ideally, the needle should be very close to the center point or right at the dot. Most mobile violin tuners start flashing the screen when the string is in tune.

When the needle hovers over to the left of the dial, it means your string is “flat” or very low or loose. On the contrary, if the needle hovers to the right side of the dial, it implies the string is “sharp,” or very high or stiff (denoting high tension). 

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Top 10+ Violin Tuner Apps in 2021

1) Tuner Lite

best violin tuner apps

A chromatic instrument tuner and pitch pipe especially for beginner violin aficionados, Tuner Lite boasts an LED visual display that is quite easy to read and discern. Recipient of glowing customer reviews on the Play Store, users have described Tuner Lite as a reliable, easy-to-use digital tool for tuning violins efficiently.

What’s more, Tuner Lite also features automatic reference note calibration so that it detects the pitch of the note accurately and helps in faster tuneage.

2) Tuner G-Strings

best violin tuner apps

Not a fan of tuning your violin by ear? Tuner-gStrings is a nifty app that lends a magical hand for those who need some help in attaining the perfect tuneage without much effort. 

Considered by many as one of the best violin tuner apps, Tuner-gStrings is a free chromatic tuner app that measures sound pitch and intensity in a jiffy so that your violin always remains in tune whilst practicing. Some other noteworthy features of this app include a variable range nonlinear scale, orchestra tuning, and various temperaments.

3) Violin Tools Free

violin tuner apps

Touted as the perfect tuning app for beginners, Violin Tools Free can not only fine-tune your instrument with high precision and rapid pitch detection algorithm, you can also use it whilst practicing to figure out if you’re playing the right notes. 

Wondering how? Simply by deploying a gradient color scale, this app notifies you in which direction you need to adjust your finger positions and pluck the string. All together, Violin Tools is one of the best violin tuner apps for beginners and budding violinists.

4) Pano Tuner

violin tuner apps

Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, you can tune your violin in seconds flat with Pano Tuner at the helm. This splendid violin tuning app discerns the sound your strings make and displays the correct pitch of the note. 

Simply glance over at the offset from the current pitch that you want to tune the string to. Pano Tuner also boasts a bonus feature that allows adjusting the concert-A frequency to sync your violin in harmony and unison with other instruments.

5) nTune Violin

violin tuner apps

Are you looking for a decent app to accurately tune your violin like a pro? Look no further than NTune: Violin Free a formidable violin tuner app which uses real recorded violin notes instead of computer-generated random sound effects. 

Furthermore, nTune Violin comes loaded with the preset basic tuning of G, D, A and E and includes playback options of Pizzicato (plucking) or Arco (bowing).

6) PitchPerfect

violin tuner apps

Sick and tired of constantly playing out of tune despite tuning the violin a few minutes back? You need to have a good long gander at PitchPerfect, an easy-to-use violin tuning app that will take care of all your tuneage related fiascos. 

Simply, open the PitchPerfect app on your Android or iOS device and play a string to see if you are in flat, sharp, or perfect pitch. From there, maneuver Pitch Perfect’s preset tunings to tune the exact note that you want.

7) Master Viola Tuner

free violin tuner apps

Symbolic of its name, Master Viola Tuner is a nifty app that makes short work of your violin tuning hassles. Its algorithm supports automatic tuning that recognizes violin sounds when you pluck a single string repeatedly. Master Viola Tuner comes loaded with two modes: pitchfork and tuner, and differentiates between American, European and solmization sound names.

The Pitchfork mode requires playing all recorded violin sounds automatically (from lowest to highest string) to tune your violin in tandem. On the contrary, the tuner mode automatically recognizes the sound of strings being plucked and helps you tune each string. All in all, Master Viola Tuner is one of the best violin tuner apps for Android and iOS smartphones.

8) Tuna Pitch

violin tuner apps

If you are an advanced violinist deft at tuning strings with ear practice, then Tuna Pitch will further boost your tuneage. This free violin tuning app comes with an inbuilt pitch pipe that lets you play a reference not to aid tuning by ear. 

What’s more, Tuna Pitch automatically detects the pitch using your Android or iOS device’s microphone and displays the currently plucked note name, frequency and octave.

9) Tune-O-Rama

best violin tuner apps

Tune-O-Rama is a foolproof app that offers a chromatic tuner which can be accessed with a single tap on the screen. Aided by its formidable 4-tier  pitch detection algorithm,  Tune-O-Rama guarantees near 100% accuracy and pitch sensitivity. Which is why it is one of the best violin tuner apps for attaining accuracy in tuneage.

Furthermore, Tune-O-Rama boasts an impressive detection range of 1200+ Hz and can be used to tune many other string instruments including Guitar.

10) ClearTune Chromatic Tuner

violin tuner apps

With acclaimed rock bands such as The Killers and The Black Keys among its honorable patrons, ClearTune is a remarkable violin tuning app worth its weight in gold. 

It features a chromatic string instrument tuner and pitch pipe that allows violinists to accurately tune their instrument using inbuilt microphone in their Android smartphones or iPhones. Wait, there’s more in the offing. ClearTune includes notable features such as support for transposing various string instruments, and automatic or manual note section.

Benefits of Using a Violin Tuner App for Beginners

You must be pondering what are the underlying benefits of using a violin tuner app? Below we have listed some great incentives of using mobile violin tuners. 

Convenience: With a violin tuner app at the helm, you don’t have to lug around or pack your clip-on electronic tuner in your gig bag when you head out. Just whip out your smartphone, turn your favourite mobile violin tuner on and get ready for melodic and impromptu violin jam sessions galore.

Free of Cost: While a regular electronic tuner can set you back by $30 to $50, most violin tuner apps on our list are totally free to download.

Ease-of-use: Beginner violin students might get frazzled tuning a violin using another instrument or harmonics. Luckily, many violin tuner apps are pretty straightforward and easy-to-use since they can detect exact pitch.

And…that’s a wrap! Did you like our list of the best violin tuner apps for Android and iOS? Sound off in the comments.


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