Limetorrents Proxy 2019 | 25+ *NEW* Proxy & Mirrors (100% Working)

Ardent torrent users of yore must be familiar with Limetorrents, which was counted amongst the biggest torrent sites on the planet in the noughties(2000s). Whether at home, school or work, people flocked to Limetorrents to download their favourite movies, music, games, cracked versions of premium software, and other forms of digital content. However, the recent spate of government clampdown on Kickass Torrents, The Pirate Bay & ExtraTorrents at the behest of copyright holders also rendered inaccessible for legions of users globally. Luckily, many new Limetorrents proxy and torrent mirror sites have cropped up to fill this void.

What are Limetorrents Proxy and Mirror Sites?

limetorrents proxy

Simply put, Limetorrents proxy and torrent mirror sites merely replicate the main domain of Limetorrent and its entire content repository. These sites are run and maintained by former employees and host the same library, and torrent files albeit on different domain names.

So, even if Limetorrent is geo-restricted in your region, you can still access the main domain via these secret sites and download premium subscription-based digital content for free. These proxies are a safe way to bypass restrictions put forth by ISPs in your country.

What’s more, to make scrounging for these sites less painstaking for you, we have listed a rundown of 20 best working Limetorrents proxy and mirror sites down below. These sites have been manually checked and are working absolutely fine. Now, you will be able to get Limetorrents unblocked in your country and access premium content for FREE! So, Signor Pirate, are you ready to download away all the gold?

20+ Best LimeTorrents Proxy & Mirror Sites List 2019

Sl. No.LimeTorrents Proxy/Mirrors StatusSpeed
1.Limetorrents.unblockedOnlineVery Fast
2.Limetorrents.infoOnlineVery Fast
3.Freeproxy.ioOnlineVery Fast
4.Freeanimesonline.comOnlineVery Fast
5.Sitenable.chOnlineVery Fast
6.Sitenable.coOnlineVery Fast
7.Limetorrents.inOnlineVery Fast
8.Sitenable.pwOnlineVery Fast
9.Sitenable.infoOnlineVery Fast
10.Siteget.netOnlineVery Fast
11.Filesdownloader.comOnlineVery Fast
12.Limetorrents.zoneOnlineVery Fast
13.Limetorrents.unblocked.petOnlineVery Fast
14.Lime.unblocked.isOnlineVery Fast
15.Lime.unblocked.lolOnlineVery Fast
16.Limetorrents.unblockall.orgOnlineVery Fast Fast
18.Betatorrent.comOnlineVery Fast
19.Limetorrents.unblocked.twOnlineVery Fast
20.Torrentclick.comOnlineVery Fast

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only. We do not condone piracy.

There you have it! Simply select any of the links to get Limetorrent unblocked in your region and download tons of free movies, TV shows, and other digital content with reckless abandon at school, college or work.

How to check whether Limetorrents is unblocked in your region?

limetorrents proxy

To ascertain if Limetorrents is actually blocked in your country or not, you could try accessing through your web browser. If you stumble across a message resembling the one below, it implies your ISP has restricted access.

“Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from the government. Please contact administrator for further information.”

Alternately, try visiting Limetorrent from your mobile and if it still won’t load or displays the above message again, you can be sure as hell Limetorrent has been geo-restricted.

Limetorrents Unblocked: Is a VPN needed for Limetorrents Proxy/Torrent Mirror Sites?

This question has sparked heated debates on several forums and torrenteers haven’t been able to come to a conclusion. Truth be told, using a VPN is just as safe as not using it whilst browsing these proxies. Sounds absurd? Since Limetorrents proxy and mirror sites are completely safe and secure, the privacy of users is not at stake.

However, if you don’t want to camouflage your browsing history from ISPs, you may resort to using a free VPN service or Tor web browser. Be forewarned though, opting for either of these two can significantly slow down your internet speed.

And…that’s a wrap! Did you like our list of Limetorrents proxy and mirror sites? Stay posted since we constantly update this list with new proxies.

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