PutLocker Proxy 2019 | 25+ *NEW* Proxy/Mirrors to unblock Putlocker

Putlocker first came to the fore circa 2011 as an online repository of HD movies and TV shows from across the world. In a short span, the website spawned a legacy of free online streaming sites such as 123movies, and FMovies, to name a few. However, as of 2019, all the old domains of Putlocker have ceased to exist as the site is at loggerheads with law agencies in several countries including Uk, Canada, US, India, et al. In fact, with the most recent domain seizure of http://putlockers.ch, Putlocker is completely inaccessible although some new sites such as Putlocker9 have cropped up to fill the void. Truth be told, the only viable alternatives today to bypass all geo-restrictions are Putlocker proxy and mirror sites. Find them out down below.

What are PutLocker Proxy & Mirror Sites?

Tormented by continuous ISP onslaught at the behest of copyright enforcers, Putlocker had to forfeit its main domain in 2016 after a UK court order. However, the official Putlockers staff, and several clandestine internet communities espousing the cause of free internet quickly launched a slew of new PutLocker proxy and mirror sites to circumvent geo-restrictions.

These proxy/mirror sites are mere replica of the main site and host its entire index, content library and database, except on constantly changing domain names to evade detection. Furthermore, these Putlocker proxy/mirror sites are updated regularly with the latest movies and TV shows to keep cine fiends hooked onto their screens.

Now then, you may also resort to a VPN to tackle ISP blockage but VPNs tend to be download speed hoggers that can invariably affect streaming speeds as well. However, premium VPNs can offset these downsides but they are quite expensive, so to speak.

Hence, if you want to unblock access to Putlocker and stream tons of free movies and TV shows at blazing fast speeds, our rundown of the best working Putlocker proxy/mirror sites list will suffice. Without further ado, let’s get started.

25+ Best PutLocker Proxy & Mirror Sites List 2019

SL. No.Putlocker Proxy/MirrorsStatusSpeed
1.Putlockers.netOnlineVery Fast
2.Putlockerr.isOnlineVery Fast
3.Putlockers.fmOnlineVery Fast
4.Putlockerz.ioOnlineVery Fast
5.123putlocker.comOnlineVery Fast
6.Putlockerhd.isOnlineVery Fast
7.Putlocker.ioOnlineVery Fast
8.Putlockers.scOnlineVery Fast
9.Putlockerfree.netOnlineVery Fast
10.Putlockers.amOnlineVery Fast
11.Putlockers.tfOnlineVery Fast
12.Putlocker9.asOnlineVery Fast
13.Theputlocker9.comOnlineVery Fast
14.UK ProxyOnlineVery Fast
15.Putlocker.fyiOnlineVery Fast
16.Putlocker.fyiOnlineVery Fast
17.US ProxyOnlineVery Fast
18.Putlockertv.toOnlineVery Fast
19.Putlocker-m.netOnlineVery Fast
20.Unblockall.orgOnlineVery Fast
21.Putlockertv.toOnlineVery Fast
22.Putlockers.mnOnlineVery Fast
23.Putlockerhd.isOnlineVery Fast
24.Putlockersfm.comOnlineVery Fast
25.Putlockersonline.coOnlineVery Fast

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only. We do not condone piracy.

There you have it! The aforementioned proxy/mirror sites will instantly unblock Putlocker in your country so you can revel in the latest HD movies and TV series episodes of This Is Us Season 3, Stranger Things, Westworld and Game of Thrones. Now you don’t have to rely on a two-bit app or deploy fancy hacks to unblock access to your favourite digital content.

And…that’s a wrap! I reckon you should bookmark this page to stay abreast of new Putlocker proxy/mirror sites as we constantly update this list. Navigate to the links below to find proxies of other free movie streaming sites. Adios.

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