IceFilms Proxy 2020: 10+ NEW Proxy/Mirrors to Unblock

Icefilms was touted as the de facto platform to stream and download a melange of latest movies and TV series in full HD by streaming aficionados from all walks of life. With minimal ads on its alluring interface, IceFilms quickly climbed up popularity charts as a decent free streaming alternative that provided an immersive streaming experience when other similar sites were getting blocked rampantly. However, IceFilms’ main domain ( also got geo-restricted in several countries due to copyright infringement. Luckily, even if you are not been able to access the site at home, school or work, it can still be unblocked in your country. Yes! The best alternative to unblock IceFilms are IceFilms Proxy and mirror sites.

What happened to IceFilms and how to use Proxy & Mirror Sites?

Icefilms proxy

To put things into perspective, since IceFilms provided streams of pirated movies and TV shows it was always at loggerheads with law enforcers over copyright infringement. Which is why, the website was blocked by ISPs in many countries in connivance with law agencies. Soon, movie buffs flocked to several internet discussion forums to find an alternative, but to no avail. Currently, IceFilms is not working anywhere. There are only two viable solutions to get the site unblocked: VPNs and IceFilms Proxy/mirror sites.

Whilst VPNs do mask your identity online and bypass geo-restrictions, they also tend to compromise on download speeds and inadvertently affect streaming rates. So to counter problems such as slow buffering, or warped view of site interface, IceFilms Proxy/Mirror sites provide steady respite. These sites host the same library/database as Icefilms but on different domain names since they are sheer replicas run by the official IceFilms staff.

Furthermore, you can enjoy an immersive streaming experience for these proxy/mirror sites provide the same interface and boast latest movies/TV shows hosted on super fast servers. Hence, even if IceFilms is blocked in your web connection, you can rely on IceFilms proxy and mirror sites to bypass all geo-restrictions in a jiffy.

Below is a rundown of 10+ best working IceFilms Proxy/Mirror sites that will get IceFilms unblocked in your country so you can download hordes of movies and TV shows with ease. Please do not share them via Gmail or other email services to avoid detection. So, without further ado, let’s get started fellas.

10+ Best IceFilms Proxy and Mirror Sites List 2020

SL. No.IceFilms Proxy/MirrorsStatusSpeed
1.Icefilms.unblockedOnlineVery Fast
2.Icefilms.infoOnlineVery Fast Fast
4.Bypass IceFilmsOnlineVery Fast
5.Icefilms BypassedOnlineVery Fast
6.Zend2 ProxyOnlineVery Fast
7.Icefilms-info.comOnlineVery Fast
8.UK ProxyOnlineVery Fast
9.US ProxyOnlineVery Fast
10.Icefilm.comOnlineVery Fast

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only. We do not condone piracy.

There you have it! Now you can get IceFilms unblocked at school, college and work thanks to these these nifty proxy/mirror sites that are frequently updated by site admins with all the latest movies and TV series episodes.

And…that’s a wrap! I reckon you should bookmark this page to stay abreast of new IceFilms proxy/mirror sites since we are constantly updating this list. If you want to check out proxies of more such free movie streaming sites, navigate to the links below. Adios.

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