FirstRowSports Alternatives 2021: 10+ Best Free Sites Like FirstRowSports

FirstRowSports is a premier streaming website popular amongst sports lovers worldwide. Thanks to its spic-and-span interface and lag-free streaming, you can stream multiple live sporting events and matches online for free. Some of the most viewed sporting events and matches that are live streamed on First Row Sports run the gamut from Soccer, Basketball, Rugby, UFC, Golf, to WWE, Boxing, Tennis, Motorsports, Table Tennis, Baseball and Ice Hockey.

Moreover, FirstRowSports does not charge any subscription fees whatsoever. However, of late, the site is inaccessible for many users due to ISP clampdown in several countries. Hence, we have listed some of the best FirstRowSports alternatives that you can rely upon to stream your favourite sports online. Without further ado, let’s get started.

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10+ Best Sites like FirstRowSports in 2021

1) Watch ESPN

sites like firstrowsports

If you want to watch live sports online, WatchESPN is perhaps the biggest platform on the internet in the field of Sports related content video streaming websites. Not only does it provide all the matches and events that are telecast on ESPN from across the globe, Watch ESPN is also available 24×7 free of cost. 

Besides sports-related content, Watch ESPN is also renowned for disseminating sports news to its users. You can rest assured about an immersive streaming experience since WatchESPN, being a TV network, is compatible with stream high-definition quality graphics. 

You can access links of popular sports such as football, basketball, tennis, soccer, cricket, NBA (American National Basketball), Formula 1 Racing, NFL, and more via the platform’s well-optimized search bar.

2) VIPBox TV


Considered by many as one of the best sites like FirstRowSports online, VIPBox TV is unique in the sense that it offers multinational streaming. This live sports streaming behemoth is dedicated solely to presenting its viewers with exclusive footage of matches, upcoming fixtures or any live sporting event. 

The quality of video streams is also high-definition and you can find videos of sporting events such as Soccer, Golf Masters, Table Tennis World Cup, NBA, NFL, UFC and much more on its uber clean interface. 

3) Laola1

sites like firstrowsports

Austria-based sports streaming website boasts a very smooth and responsive user interface which bears a stark resemblance to that of First Row Sports, hence making it a great alternative to First Row Sports.

Not to mention, Laola1 is immensely popular for live streaming football matches and gained fame during the FIFA World Cup 2018. Although it acts as an intermediary host that provides links to multiple sports categories from across the world, you can find a melange of live sports streams pertaining to matches of ice-hockey, basketball, Formula One Racing, volleyball, handball, table tennis, and more!

4) StopStream

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With an extensive coverage of over sports-related events and matches, StopStream is a formidable live streaming site that allows users to stream over 30 sports on its platform.

Some of the massively popular streamed sports on its platform include football, hockey, tennis, baseball, basketball, et al. Backed up by a fast processing speed, StopStream enables users to stream tons of videos in high definition graphics, hence providing an all-around superior live streaming experience. 

5) Feed2All

sites like firstrowsports

WiziWig based free live football and other live sports channel platform, Feed2All is primarily oriented towards providing streams of soccer matches. Feed2All works in collaboration with several leading live sports streaming channels and websites across the planet to ensure uninterrupted streaming of your favorite sports. 

The homepage of Feed2All contains a huge list of upcoming fixtures and matches from the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, and German Bundesliga that are all arranged in a listicle format. 

6) Fubo TV

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Although FuboTV has been around the live streaming realm for quite a while now, it first rose to prominence in its early years strictly on the back of providing La Liga streams. On this football streaming site you can find live matches of UEFA Champions League, old soccer classics, and links to various Euro sports channels. Although now Fubo TV has pivoted to an all-sports streaming service.

However, the current global reach of FuboTV is quite limited since the website specifically caters to US viewers and is considered to be one of the best live soccer streaming resources for North American audiences.

7) Live TV

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Perhaps one of the most similar websites to FirstRowSports, LiveTV has got a wide reach and caters streams in a plethora of international languages namely English, Spanish, Italian, and Russian. 

The interface of Live TV is very well streamlined wherein users can change or modify required language on their own by navigating through the settings bar. What’s more, finding a new working stream of your favourite sport such as Golf or new UFC fight is also quite easy on this site.

8) SportLemon TV

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Flanked by an easy-to-use interface and high quality streams, SportsLemon is eerily similar to FirstRowSports in terms of reliability and viewing options. 

Furthermore, SportLemon TV lets you download videos of matches or highlights for offline viewing. So, if you missed a late night soccer match, Golf Masters tournament or UFC fight, fret no more for you could simply download their videos for free and never skip a beat.

9) StrikeOut


Are you an avid American sports buff? Look no further than StrikeOut, your one-stop destination for catching up with Baseball, NFL, NHL, NBA and Major League Soccer. StrikeOut primarily acts as a gateway to other streaming sites that provide live streams with a firm emphasis on the aforementioned sports in the U.S. 

The UI is pretty straightforward and doesn’t comprise of multiple links stacked together on other sport streaming sites. So much so, StrikeOut is not strictly limited to American sports in that it also covers sporting events from other regions across the globe. Which is why StrikeOut is one of the best Sites like FirstRowSports available on the market. 

10) FromHots

sites like firstrowsports

Featuring an abundant collection of matches from sports aplenty, FromHots is a nifty streaming site that can be used to watch live sports online on smartphones. This website boasts a seamless UI that provides quick navigation wherein the homepage lets you switch between various sports including tennis, rugby, hockey, golf, and motorsports while you suss out a current stream. 

All together,  you can stream live matches from your favorite sports with ease and grace on FromHots and change the time zone as well to check out accurate timings of latest fixtures.


If you are anxiously looking for the live streaming your favorite sport, the aforementioned sites like FirstRowSports will suffice in that you will never miss a game or skip watching some live sporting action online.

For the best viewing experience on these sites, we recommend an updated web browser such as Google Chrome or Safari for Mac, a seamless internet connection, and you are all set to enjoy free live sports streaming within the comfy confines of your home.

And…that’s a wrap! Did you like our list of the best sites like FirstRowSports? Sound off in the comments.


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