best free music apps for iphone

11+ Best Free Music Apps for iPhone in 2020

Buying individual tracks, singles and albums is passé. Why would you, when you could stream unlimited music from a monthly-subscription based streaming service. And,...

New iPhones to stick with Lightning port over USB-C: Report

Almost all the 2019 iPhone models will come equipped with a Lightning connector instead of a USB-C port, according to a new report from...
class action lawsuit

Apple faces class action lawsuit over delay in two-factor authentication

Tech giant Apple has been slapped with a class action lawsuit that accuses its two-factor authentication process of taking too much time out of...

Apple gives in to Qualcomm to escape German iPhone ban

Apple has reportedly given in fighting an injunction in Germany brought about by its legal battle against long-standing rival, Qualcomm. According to Reuters, the...
whatsapp hack

iPhone User Guide About the latest WhatsApp Hack Attack in 2019

The recent WhatsApp hack has sent shockwaves through the online community as the Facebook subsidiary sent out news of the threat. Even though Apple...